1-1 classes are a great way to learn more about philosophy at your own pace and depending on your needs. In a 1-1 class, we will read and discuss a philosophical book, or articles in contemporary philosophy, together. We will choose what we read and discuss based on your needs and interests. There are two main formats:

  • Reading together in class. This is suitable for beginners in philosophy who may not know how to approach a philosophical text independently, or people who are quite busy. We will work through whatever we are reading line-by-line. You will paraphrase the arguments, and then we will discuss them. I will help you with anything you don’t understand. 
  • Reading, writing, and discussion. This is suitable for more advanced students who have a few hours to commit outside of class. Again, we will choose a philosophical book or set of philosophical articles to work through together. However, you will read the articles in your own time, and write a response of 500-1000 words. Your response to the text will form the basis of our discussion. As this requires extra preparation on my part, pricing is slightly higher.

If you are working on a research thesis, or are currently a philosophy student, and need help with coursework, we can work around an approach to support you with your studies and work. 

If you are interested in taking 1-1 classes, please contact us to learn more about pricing and to join the waiting list.