Philosophy as part of life


Pierre Hadot said that for the ancient Greeks, philosophy was not an academic discipline, but a way of life. But not everybody who loves philosophy has the privilege, time or resources to devote their whole lives to the subject. Nor is it necessary to do so to immensely enjoy and even contribute to the field: Hume was a businessman, Cicero and Seneca were politicians, and Epictetus was a slave.

We offer online, discussion-based courses that allow for a deep engagement with philosophy alongside your commitments to your work, your family, your friends, and your fitness. 

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David Merry

PhD, Humboldt University Berlin 

David has two passions: teaching and philosophy. In the classroom, he is able to explain complex ideas simply and clearly and with a sense of humour. He cherishes the relaxed and friendly atmosphere in his classrooms, and has been pleasantly surprised that such a vibe is possible online.

After holding a postdoc in Bioethics at Heidelberg University Hospital, and two philosophy postdocs at the Humboldt University in Berlin, David left academic philosophy at the end of 2018 to gain further training in teaching and to teach English in Taiwan. Just for fun and love, he continued to publish articles in philosophy, as well as an edited volume.

David was struck by the advantages of studying languages at private institutions compared to university, both in terms of accessibility and quality of education. With small class-sizes, the ability for students to learn at their own pace, and a positive, supportive learning environment without a gate-keeping function, students make extraordinary progress. It seemed a shame that such resources were not available for other subjects that students might be curious about. This inspired him to found Kayepos, an agile, student-centered, learning-driven philosophy school.

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